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Thoughts on Love Is Blind

I’m not really sure what I’m trying to do here, but I felt like writing a bit about where this idea came from. The comments some lovely people have left me have kind of prompted me to explain a little bit, but I wanted to explain fully.
Basically, I usually write about characters who, though good looking, don’t have the confidence to assert that. My lead female characters have self confidence issues; they aren’t in the popular groups at school. I suppose that’s kind of a reflection of me; I’ve never been particularly comfortable in my own skin, and though I’ve been lucky enough to always have friends, I’ve never been popular.
I don’t think I’ve ever truly wanted to be in the popular group at school either. It’s always seemed to be such an unstable and superficial group to me; the girls within it are always fighting and bitching and just generally being horrible to each other, and, ultimately, that’s not a friendship group. I’ve always preferred having friends I’m comfortable with, friends who actually might like me for me, rather than for my status within the school hierarchy.
So anyway. About a year ago, one of the most popular girls in school randomly came up to my friendship group at lunchtime. We’re not a popular group in the slightest, we just go about our own business, I suppose, but she asked if she could sit with us. Rather taken aback, we said of course.
It was strange. She was universally regarded as the prettiest girl in school, had an enormous group of friends, and yet she was asking to sit with us. Tentatively, someone asked who she usually sat with. Looking a bit glum, she said she moved around different groups.
It was awkward. As in, really awkward. We didn’t know what to say to her. But it got me thinking. Had that not happened, I would have assumed that she, as the prettiest girl in the school, with boys dangling after her left right and centre, was extremely happy. She got good grades, she had loads of friends… and yet she was sat with us, whom she barely knew, looking sad and unhappy. It suddenly made me see another side to these girls, the ones who seemed to have it all. I wondered if they were all like that.
I suppose Maisy is kind of a reflection of this girl. I imagine her as being one of the pretty, popular girls at school, seemingly having everything she could have wanted, and yet secretly, not liking that position at all, just feeling that she had to live up to it. I tried to put myself in her shoes, though it was hard to imagine being the sort of person who turned heads wherever she went, and yes, I guess that’s where this came from.
I guess I feel sorry for girls like that now. Though Maisy finds friendship with Red, it’s kind of bittersweet: the only way she can find true love or friendship is through someone who cannot see her, and therefore objectify her through her looks. It seems a shame, though I think Maisy and Red are perfectly matched. I’ve kind of ruined it for myself by over thinking it now!
This has been really a rambled account of my thoughts! But ah well. Hopefully if anyone reads this it might make them think a bit differently? If anyone is reading, and fancies writing a comment, please feel free! I’d love to hear other opinions. If you haven’t read Love Is Blind, by the way, and you want to, here’s a link: http://www.booksie.com/romance/short_story/maddie_grey/love-is-blind

Thanks for reading, and take care. Maddie xoxo


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