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These past few weeks don’t seem to have been the best for Booksie. I had felt as if the site was on its way to getting back to what it used to be when I joined about two years ago- a vibrant and vivid little community with so many different talents and stories. I had been reading several stories, however, thanks to a lot of plagiarism and other problems, many of my favourite writers have now left, leaving me with two stories I’m currently reading.

I was plagiarised this week too, and as many people have been asking me about what I’m going to do,¬† I thought I’d just make a quick blog post, seeing as I rarely do.

Basically, I’m not leaving Booksie. However, I have been having some complicated thoughts about the whole thing recently; posting hasn’t felt the same for me for a while. Though there are some people who comment in a really positive and motivational manner, I’ve been getting more and more slightly rude comments, which just kind of make posting seem bittersweet for me. I love it when people express their opinion, but sometimes it can come across as quite rude, which makes it hard for me as a writer, who has put in a lot of thought and effort. Recently I’ve found myself doubting everything; whether I should continue writing, whether I’m rubbish at it, whether there’s any point at all. The thing is, I love writing. I love it so much, I’m always having ideas. But I have so many things to do- I love art, and making things; I spend a lot of time¬† making clothes and painting and drawing and playing music, and sometimes it’s hard to fit writing in too. Without Booksie, I have no doubt that I probably wouldn’t write stories; it’s posting which gives me the drive to write. However, when the stories I post are then plagiarised, it does make it difficult.

I know a lot of people think Booksie is a rubbish site for plagiarism, but honestly, I think people will find a way round any of the things they set up. They’ve really tried to take our views into account, with blocking now set up and disabling the copy and paste/IP logging. I’m no computer expert, but it seems like those measures are very complicated and difficult to manage; it’s important to remember that this is a free site, one which I haven’t seen the likes of anywhere else. I really want to support Booksie and help it grow, but it seems that it’s going downhill as people are leaving left right and centre.

I don’t want to leave, not at all, but I can see why it’s happening. This is a rather rambly post here, I’m just trying to get my thoughts down, I suppose, but what I’m trying to say is, plagiarism happens everywhere. On every site there is, there seems to be plagiarism, or trolling going on; some people, sadly, cannot see a good thing happening without trying to ruining it, or steal something for themselves. If you give something away for free, people take advantage, and ruin it for everyone. Booksie suffers from this, just like tumblr, youtube… any site. Therefore, I’m really not blaming them.

And as for my writing? I have always wanted to be a professional writer. I feel like it’s the only career choice for me, sometimes, and therefore, for me to stop writing seems like a silly idea; I want to continue to post and improve, but, it does take up a lot of my time (particularly updating people) and I feel like, seeing as I’m unlikely to ever get published, it might be a bit of a waste of time. At the moment, I’m going to continue writing, but I’m unsure about a future. I have so many ideas, but at the same time, I don’t think it’s making me as happy as it used to, and I don’t want to waste time on something which will never come to fruition in anything.

So there we go. If you read all through this, I applaud you for your perseverance! I haven’t read through, I’m in a bit of a hurry, so if it doesn’t make any sense, I apologise. Thank you to those of you who do show respect and gratitude towards writers on the internet, I love you all, and treasure your support so much. Thank you, and take care, Maddie xoxo

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Now, I don’t really know why I wanted to write this, but basically, as some of you (if anyone is actually reading this, of course!!) may have seen, this week, I was plagiarised for the third time.

It’s not a major issue, I know, and it’s all been resolved now, but I don’t think plagiarists quite realise how upsetting stealing someone else’s work is for a writer. To see your work, something you’ve put a lot of thought, effort and time into, copied and pasted carelessly into another site, where the person is now claiming full credit for it really hurts. It really hurts. My writing is so personal to me, that to see someone else saying that it’s theirs is a little bit heartbreaking.

So maybe I’m just writing this so that anyone out there who ever might consider plagiarising any work might realise that it’s not just an easy way to gain fans. You’ll most likely get found out, and your work will be deleted. It could go further, if the person you’ve plagiarised from takes legal action. And the time and effort you’ve put in to choosing a story to steal could be much better spent working on a piece of your own. No one starts out amazingly, we all develop and grow. But by stealing someone else’s work, you’re robbing yourself of that chance.

Rant over.


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I’m really not sure how frequently I’ll be blogging, if at all, but I just felt like I wanted to make a blog (it had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I got to make a pretty header, of course O.o)

Soooo, I’m not sure what to do with this blog yet, but it’s here if I feel the need to ramble, I guess!

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