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Now, I don’t really know why I wanted to write this, but basically, as some of you (if anyone is actually reading this, of course!!) may have seen, this week, I was plagiarised for the third time.

It’s not a major issue, I know, and it’s all been resolved now, but I don’t think plagiarists quite realise how upsetting stealing someone else’s work is for a writer. To see your work, something you’ve put a lot of thought, effort and time into, copied and pasted carelessly into another site, where the person is now claiming full credit for it really hurts. It really hurts. My writing is so personal to me, that to see someone else saying that it’s theirs is a little bit heartbreaking.

So maybe I’m just writing this so that anyone out there who ever might consider plagiarising any work might realise that it’s not just an easy way to gain fans. You’ll most likely get found out, and your work will be deleted. It could go further, if the person you’ve plagiarised from takes legal action. And the time and effort you’ve put in to choosing a story to steal could be much better spent working on a piece of your own. No one starts out amazingly, we all develop and grow. But by stealing someone else’s work, you’re robbing yourself of that chance.

Rant over.


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